Fusion Tile & Stone Inc is a Daytona Beach, FL contractor specializing in installations of quality tiled floors, natural stone, marble and ceramic tile flooring. Fusion Tile & Stone Inc are seasoned professionals ensuring each job gets done correctly, the first time. Because every project is different, hiring the right contractor is essential, especially for long-term durability and hidden complications. When stone and tile flooring installations are combined with an elegant touch, the stunning appearance of the finished product can last a lifetime.

With all we have learned in our years of experience in tile and stone remodeling, we know how to turn you concept into a magnificent realty that you will enjoy for years to come. Even a small error in floor, wall, or bath tile can be an eyesore. One minutely mis-positioned tile, for example, can throw off the pattern and grout line, making the goof glaring. Worse, fixing a botched tiling job is expensive, disruptive and messy, especially if water has seeped through the grout and ruined framing, ceilings and finished walls.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction throughout the timeline of any project, large or small. From designing custom backsplashes to complete kitchen renovation rebuild, our principle focus remains the dedication towards a finished job that matches (or exceeds) both parties expectations. Combined with our many decades of experience and our “realistic approach” to maintaining options that are strictly within the realm of availability and efficiency, we envision a clearer picture of what is to come. More simply, we do not promise anything we can not deliver.